From Servant Nomather’s earliest memories in Premusic School of the People, there has only been one confidant, one compatriot, and one true friend—Slave Tothecaz. However, a show of intimacy in the world of Magog is one of many transgressions for the great and glorious People, all of Whom are Wealthy, United, and Eunuchs.
Like every other Eunuch for Magog, Servant Nomather was taught appreciation and thirst for money, the acquisition of which is the noblest of all tasks. Nevertheless, despite the fine upbringing, Servant cares little for wealth (Magogforgivethebalsphemy) and is empty without Slave. For years, the two Eunuchs have sent coded messages to each other on the wind, until one night Servant receives a cryptic song. Simultaneously, the great Chancellor of Deeds commands Servant on a mission to the colonies where Slave is stationed, to investigate a plot by insurgents who plan to strike the greatest blow imaginable against the People—a recession.
Relocated to the loosely connected island colonies floating in an ancient lagoon, Servant is promoted to the dangerously powerful position of the prime recorder of deeds and begins a search for insurgents, for Slave Tothecaz, for the true identity of People, and of course, for love.

  • Livre de Reliure: Kindle Edition
  • Catégories: eBooks
  • Date de sortie: 2014-05-06
  • Édition: 1

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